BA (Hons)


Actor training, re-imagined.

  • An Acting Company in Training resident at the Tobacco Factory Theatres.

  • A conservatoire style training with 30 hours a week of classes.

  • Spend 5 weeks studying at the prestigious Shchukin theatre school in Moscow.

  • 'Spotlight' and 'Equity' membership in the final year.

The way theatre works as an industry and who it speaks to and for is changing and actor training programmes need to reflect this. No longer can actors be trained to be a blank canvas to create another’s reality, rather they must be creative artists who bring themselves, their experience, their culture and their perspective to their work. That’s how we will achieve genuine diversity and change. Students joining the course will be part of that change.

The concept is that students work in an ensemble – a training company – and have an input into how that company is run. In the first year you explore acting skills with an emphasis on practice that encourages the development of the actor as creative artist; Michael Chekov, Vakhtangov, Laban and Meyerhold. We also have an international partnership with the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in Moscow, which was the Moscow Art Theatre’s Third Studio and you will, international circumstances permitting, be able to study a module in Russia, working with tutors there at one of the world’s most famous centres of actor training.

The second year is all about productions, including a TV production and a London agent’s showcase and it is in this year that the course really benefits from its partnership with the Tobacco Factory Theatres. The course will be a resident acting company in training at the theatre; the first of its kind in the country.


We’re delighted to be embarking on this uniquely symbiotic relationship between a professional theatre and a drama school. The partnership will enrich and empower the training experience for students - who will collaborate with renowned artists in our spaces - and embolden our theatre’s mission to provide impactful, innovative and inclusive pathways into the industry.




You’ll be taught by some of the most experienced tutors working in the industry- Acclaimed theatre director, Nancy Medina, one of the country’s rising stars and the 2018 recipient of the prestigious RTST Sir Peter Hall Award , is co-Artistic Director of the Bristol School of Acting; Stuart Wood, with nearly 40 year experience as a director and teacher of acting in the UK’s leading drama schools, is the other. 

BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen is an intensive, accelerated degree taught over two years, with 40 weeks of teaching per year. You receive the same amount of contact hours as you would on a three-year course, but save around £5,000 in tuition fees and a year’s living costs. It is limited to 28 students, working groups of 15, with at least 30 hours per week of direct teaching time.


The BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen programme will give you the in-depth training required to be a professional actor and a creative artist. The core of the course is two years of acting classes based on the approaches of Michael Chekov, Vakhtangov, Laban and Anne Bogart. Acting class is closely aligned with a combined voice and movement class, exploring how these instruments work together, to create truthful characters, in whom the physical is finely attuned to the psychological.


Programme modules cover acting techniques, the connection of physicality and voice, ensemble theatre, text analysis, comedy character development, the actor as theatre-maker and acting for camera techniques.


You will appear in 5 professionally produced productions working  as part of an “acting company in training” based at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol as well as a full-length TV production and an agents’ showcase in London. You will also spend around 5 weeks in Moscow taking a module in Vakhtangov technique at the prestigious Shchukin Theatre Institute.



The first year focuses on training your acting instrument. The course takes you through the fundamental skills and theories of acting, as you begin to learn and experience the craft of acting and what it entails. Acting class focuses on the creativity and invention of the acting process. The goal is to develop the actor's personal instrument and artistic freedom, in order to create exciting theatre. Aligned with the acting class are the Instrument modules, which introduce you to voice and movement synthesised as a single instrument that enables you to play and create. You focus on techniques of Michael Chekov and Vakhtangov and you spend some weeks at the home of the Vakhtangov technique, the Shchukin Institute in Moscow, taking class in building a character. At the end of year one you undertake your first performance assignment, making a piece of theatre as an ensemble for a site-specific performance.


The second prepares you for a career in the industry with 5 productions rehearsed in professional conditions alongside acting class and voice and movement class. You’ll apply the comprehensive acting skills you have learnt to different styles and you’ll learn to adapt your craft whilst keeping the integrity of your process. You’ll learn about casting and acquire the knowledge you’ll need about agents, auditions, and the job of building a career as a working actor and marketing yourself. As well as the theatre productions you appear in a full length made for TV production to bring your acting for camera skills to a professional level and you take part in an agents' showcase in London.

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Course Code BS08

Institution Code B20


Auditions open on 9th November 2020. There are 28 places available on the course. We have an equal consideration deadline of 15th January 2021, which we strongly advise you request your audition before that date.

Following that we will accept ‘UCAS Extra’ applications from 25th February 2021, although auditions are not guaranteed at that point.


Importantly, please note that although our courses are validated by Bath Spa University, your application process, audition, accommodation and other queries are dealt with directly through the Bristol School of Acting team. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Step 1 - Request an audition
Register your details here and the team will get in touch to arrange your audition. Your first round audition will be self-taped and you’ll be asked to prepare a contemporary monologue and a presentation telling us about yourself. Choose a piece that is no more than two minutes in length, appropriate to your own age and experience and using your own accent. Consider also choosing something regionally specific to where you come from.


Step 2 - Apply through UCAS
Once your audition has been arranged, our team will support you in applying to the Bristol School of Acting through UCAS.


Step 3 - Audition result
Within two weeks of receiving your self-taped audition, we will let you know the result. You may be invited to a recall audition (either remote or in-person at the Bristol School of Acting,
(depending on Government’s Coronavirus guidance at the time).


Step 4 - Recall audition
Recall auditions consist of working with one of our acting tutors on a scene you choose from a selection we'll send to you in advance. We will also re-work your first round audition monologue and you’ll be interviewed by one of the Artistic Directors.


Step 5 - Recall result
Within four weeks of attending your recall audition, we will let you know the result. This will be shortly followed by an offer on your UCAS application.

If you have any questions about the course or its application process, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also contact the Co-Artistic Director of The Bristol School of Acting directly via


Continuous assessment, practical skills assessment, written assessment and self-assessment.


£11,100 tuition fee per year (subject to annual inflationary increases). For more information, click here.



Applicants are considered on an individual basis, taking into account any skills and experience that may not be reflected in A-Level scores. The most important consideration is for applicants to have the qualities and potential to succeed.

We accept a wide range of qualifications for entry to our undergraduate programmes. The main ones are listed below:


  • A-Levels – overall grades CCC-CDD from appropriate A-Levels with a Grade C in Drama, Theatre Studies or Performing Arts preferred.

  • BTEC Extended Diploma – at least Merit, Merit, Pass (MMP) accepted in a related subject.

  • International Baccalaureate – a minimum score of 26 points with evidence of involvement in drama and performing arts.

  • IELTS 6.0 - for visa nationals, with a minimum score of IELTS 5.5 in each element.



Trimester 1

6 September – 9 December (14 weeks)


Trimester 2

3 January – 8  April (14 weeks)


Trimester 3

2 May – 23 July (12 weeks)

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To make our audition process as inclusive as possible, ALL AUDITIONS ARE FREE.