We are thrilled to announce a complete season of theatre productions staged at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres this autumn.


Overflowing with love, friendship, bravery against the odds and shocking revelations, the season is created by some of the most exciting directors and creative professionals working in the UK today. With a broad international flavour, the season comprises five shows, two of which are directed by our Co-Artistic Director, Nancy Medina, the soon-to-be Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic.

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Fefu and Her Friends

Directed by the new, incoming Bristol Old Vic Artistic Director, Nancy Medina, Fefu and Her Friends invites you into the home of the titular Fefu, sprawled across all corners of the Tobacco Factory in this one-off, promenade powerhouse of a play that scoops you from room to room as the events of a single, unforgettable day, unfold.


Written by influential Cuban-American playwright, María Irene Fornés, an all-female group of friends gather at the house of Fefu to rehearse a charity event. Around the day’s main activity, however, the audience drops in on private moments and intimate conversations as the friends talk, flirt, provoke and swap stories, simultaneously unpacking and retreating from their shared understanding of womanhood and female friendship.


A game-changing forerunner for immersive theatre, Fefu… comprises a glorious exploration of humanity, friendship and femininity that is as audacious and ambitious as it is enigmatic, witty and welcoming; and all spun from the imagination of a director at the height of her powers.

Fefu and Her Friends is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

Directed by Nancy Medina

Written by María Irene Fornés

Designed by Aldo Vázquez

Lighting design by Lucía Sánchez Roldán

Tobacco Factory Theatres / Bristol

13-15th October 2022 

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10

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Not About Nightingales

Lyrical, muscular, raw and rippling, the great poet-dramatist, Tennessee Williams’ 1930s prison drama offers an unremittingly ugly account of the Depression-era American penal system, based on a true story that is as shocking now as it was nearly a century ago.


When a group of brow-beaten inmates band together on hunger strike to protest the appalling conditions of their incarceration, the brutal Warden Whalen seeks retribution that is vicious, swift and horrifying. 


Despite Williams’ huge global success, Not About Nightingales remained virtually unknown and never performed, until its ‘rediscovery’ and world premiere in 1998. Directed by Nastazja Domaradzka and designed by an international all-female team, this production breathes new life into this powerful, claustrophobic and violent tale, flushed with unexpected beauty, humanity and love, in the unlikeliest of places. 

Not About Nightingales is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.



Directed by Nastazja Domaradzka

By Tennessee Williams

Designed by Noemi Daboczi

Lighting design by Lucía Sánchez Roldán

Sound design by Jovana Backovic

Tobacco Factory Theatres / Bristol

20-22 October 2022

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10 

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Not About Nightingales

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Youth's the Season...?

Des is turning 21 and is about to throw the party to end all parties… literally. After all, he’s making that fateful transition into adulthood and so playtime must come to an end. Mustn’t it? What place do dreams, hopes and happiness hold in the face of ‘real life’?


In this coming of age tragi-comedy, these occasionally vivacious, often morose, always droll Dublin youths wrestle with their ambitions, gender roles, uncertain futures, but most of all, with themselves. Director Evan Lordan’s production mines Mary Manning’s evocative state of the nation satire, as much as it does the lives of the cast, whose collective experiences provide the fuel, vitality and urgency to our story.


Emerging from Ireland during one of its most thrilling theatrical and literary periods, Manning - a close friend of Samuel Beckett, who suggested the confounding question mark at the end of the play’s title - is one of the country’s most exceptional, yet under-appreciated playwrights, as evidenced by this witty, wild and ultimately shocking tale. 

Youth’s the Season… ? is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

Directed by Evan Lordan

By Mary Manning

Adapted by Breman Rajkumar & Evan Lordan

Designed by Charlotte Cooke

Lighting design by Joe Price

Sound design by Dave Price

Tobacco Factory Theatres / Bristol

24-26 November 2022 

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10 

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In a sun-baked beachfront house, set against the laps and roars of the ocean, an assortment of mismatched strangers gather. 


A faded filmstar can’t let go of her past; a wheelchair-bound brother and his ‘disfigured’ sister prepare for an impossible feat; a wandering drifter hides a heavy secret beneath his ski mask and a man carrying a suitcase of dreams watches on. 


United by their damage and drawn together by hope, they jointly reflect and act on their broken lives, slowly and quietly doing kind and wonderful things for one another.


Directed by incoming Bristol Old Vic Artistic Director, Nancy Medina, Puerto Rican writer Edwin Sánchez’s lyrical and shape-shifting Icarus, like the Greek myth from which the play takes its name, is a quest; an exploration of yearning, dreaming and sacrifice that rises into a rousing chorus cheer for lost souls and that most human of pursuits: the search for happiness.


Icarus is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

Directed by Nancy Medina

By Edwin Sánchez

Designed by Aldo Vazquez

Lighting design by Chuma Emembolu

Sound design by Dinah Mullen

Tobacco Factory Theatres / Bristol

1-3 December 2022

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10 

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Donna Quixote

Regendered, reimagined and re-energised, Donna Quixote is a laugh-out-loud comedy, stuffed full of funk-laden music, song and heart-stirring romance.


Lady Donna is hell-bent on rescuing the woman of her dreams, vanquishing her foes and cementing her legend as the last chivalrous crusader. The only problem is her troublesome sidekick, Sasha Panza, who has a habit of blurting out the first thing that comes into her head, which is often a stream of R&B lyricspeak. 


As they journey through foreign lands and all sorts of strange and exciting encounters, Donna becomes obsessed with bravery and gallantry. Sasha, however, is all about vibes. How do you save the world when all your squire wants to do is kick back and chill?


Directed by Breman Rajkumar and underscored by the neo-soul sorcery of Erykah Badu, Donna Quixote is a joyfully silly, uplifting show about friendship, storytelling and that crazy little thing called love.

Donna Quixote is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.


A comedy adapted and directed by Breman Rajkumar

Based on María Amparo Ruiz de Burton’s version of the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes

Designed by Aldo Vázquez

Lighting design by Joe Price

Sound design by Dinah Mullen

Tobacco Factory Theatres / Bristol

2-4 February 2022

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10 

Tickets TBC