Past Productions

May 2021


Bristol School of Acting diploma students present

The Suicide

Sam is at the end of his tether... no job, no prospects and no way of being the man he wants to be, that is until a momentous decision finally shines the spotlight his way... but the end is just another beginning... the problem is Sam's end seems to be everyone else's beginning. With the world and his wife watching every youtube upload, the corrupt politicians, tik-tok darlings and 'woke' warriors all want a piece of Sam's immortality and as the time ticks down to the grand finale, Sam's not sure if immortality is worth dying for!


A new take on the original by the Russain master of satire, Nikolai Erdman. Adapted by Suhayla El-Bushra and woven into the over-sensationalized media led world of british political society. Very funny, fast paces and thought provoking to the end. 


In these troubled times Bristol School of Acting brings you a comedy about taking control of the only thing you can when all else seems lost.. unless someone is filming it on their phone... then it's theirs really!

By Suhayla El-Bushra, after Nikolai Erdman / Directed by Sam Bridges / Designed by Aldo Vazquez

CYN Theatre / Bristol

This production is presented by final year diploma students of the Bristol School of Acting. The full time Extended Diploma in Professional Acting is a 3 A-Level equivalent course for young people 16-19 who are serious about becoming professional actors.

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